Jupyterhub "is a multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks. It is designed to support many users by spawning, managing, and proxying many singular Jupyter Notebook servers" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Jupyter).

The implemantion of Jupyterhub at jupyterhub.wolke.uni-greifswald.de provides a collection of Docker Images with plenty of different software solutions. You have to be within the Intranet of the University Greifswald. From outside the campus you have to use a VPN connection.

Check if you are capable to reach internal university servers here: https://rz.uni-greifswald.de/wobinich/.

Incomplete List of available Software

Image Name Type List of Software
Datascience Jupyternotebook Python, Julia, R
Stata Jupyternotebook Python, Stata
Rstudio Software Rstudio
Desktop Statistics Virtual Desktop Stata, SPSS, R, Octave
... ... ...

Please login at jupyterhub.wolke.uni-greifswald.de and have a look at the dropdown menu to explore all available images.


One of the few links, that you may need is jupyterhub.wolke.uni-greifswald.de/home. So, just add a "/home" after the actual URL of the Hub to get a possibility to stop your current running image / get back to the spawn menu.

A collection of tutorial videos can be found in the Jupyterhub channel  on grypstube. New videos coming soonTM.