High Performance Computing

HPC Brain Cluster

The "High Performance Computing" (HPC) cluster of the University Greifswald is situated at the server room of the university computing center. The Cluster is briefly referenced as "Brain" or "Brain-Cluster". Brain consists of 78 pure computing nodes @3.0 GHz with 64 GB RAM each plus 10 special GPU-nodes. The Brain-Cluster is used for scientific purposes only and available for most university members. In the following you can find a short introduction into application and usage of Brain.

Resource request

If you want to use the Brain Cluster of the University of Greifswald, first you have to get an account for this resource.

This is done by the UMS: ums.uni-greifswald.de

  • Resourcen verwalten
  • Resource beantragen
  • Resourcentyp: HPC: Brain Cluster

Read and follow instructions in the UMS.

After achieving permission to use Brain, you are able to login with your university account information.