VPN Access

By providing VPN (Virtual Private Networking) access, the University Computer Centre enables worldwide access to internal computer services at the University. These services include, e.g.:

  • all of the websites that are only accessible from within the University’s intranet,
  • the central file server, or
  • the central High Performance Computing Cluster.

It is not possible to access internal computer services and websites belonging to University Medicine Greifswald using these credentials.

Information regarding online publications

We would like to specifically point out that VPN is no longer necessary for accessing numerous online publications subscribed by the University Library, as these can be accessed via Shibboleth [de] . The corresponding Shibboleth access point can be found in the University Library’s catalogue list: Catalogue of online publications that permit Shibboleth access [de]

Unfortunately, you still have to use a combination of VPN and proxy server as previously for all other publications (e.g. for the publishing house Juris) if the licence includes VPN access.

Setting up VPN access

You must download the profile file before setting up the software. Right click on the names of the files and select save target as. Select the profile file that corresponds with your role at the University. General VPN access is only available for members of the university community as it provides access to licensed online publications. All other user groups should use the VPN credentials for technical purposes. The technical profile cannot be used on mobile devices.

Downloads for VPN access

Detailed instructions for various operating systems