Wi-Fi / eduroam

Please take note of the following information and instructions if you wish to connect your mobile device to the University’s campus-wide Wi-Fi.

As a general rule of principle: eduroam requires an eduroam account at the home institution.

Users from the University of Greifswald are asked to use their central user account issued by the Computer Centre and to follow the set-up instructions described below.

App-based setup

The University of Greifswald provides access to eduroam via easyroam. Up-to-date operating systems can access easyroam via the easyroam app . Older devices have to use the eduroam CAT app .

An internet connection is required for setting up the eduroam configuration.

Please note that eduroam profiles via easyroam are valid for 24 months. They then need to be updated. Of course, an update is possible at any time.

Detailed instructions for various operating systems and devices

Mobile devices


Manual eduroam configuration

For manual configuration, you will also first need to download a PKCS12 profile from the easyroam page .

The basic settings are provided below:

Configuration parameter Value
SSID eduroam
Security 802.1x
identity Common name from the PKCS12 profile certificate
Client certificate PKCS12 profile certificate
Private key Key from the PKCS12 profile
CA file CA from the PKCS12 profile
Private key password Password set for the key in the PKCS12 profile
System CAs Do not use

Background information: Education Roaming

Our Wi-Fi is called ‘eduroam’

The University of Greifswald is taking part in the international eduroam project, education roaming.

This provides you with secure access to Wi-Fi at all participating research and education institutions throughout the world.

The most important information you ought to know about eduroam:

  • Wi-Fi access is encoded
  • You require a central user account from the Computer Centre
  • You can use your eduroam configuration from Greifswald to log in at participating institutions all over the world .
  • Using the eduroam service at an external institution does not connect you automatically to Greifswald’s university network, i.e. eduroam is not a substitute for VPN

All of the participating institutions from across the world and all further details on eduroam can be found at www.eduroam.org.