Moodle is a course management and learning platform. It provides attractive opportunities for designing and supporting face-to-face teaching at the University.

These are some of the functions Moodle provides you with:

  • Creation of tests
  • Wikis (an instrument for collaborative writing)
  • Creation of glossaries
  • Chats and forums
  • Surveys and polls
  • File uploads and downloads (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)

Accessing Moodle

You can access the University of Greifswald’s course management system by opening this page

The introductory course (in German) Moodle: Help and Course Configuration [de] provides you with an insight into the system. You can also book Moodle tutorials for a time that is suitable for facilities and working groups.

You can find a selection of instructions for the basic configuration of Moodle courses here.

Logging in via Shibboleth

Shibboleth authentication. This means that you can login to the system with your central user account and require no further login details. You can find out more about Shibboleth here: Shibboleth [de].