E-Learning Class Rooms with BigBlueButton

As part of your Moodle courses, you can select the activity ‘BigBlueButton’ (BBB) to create classrooms in a video conferencing format.

Apart from making it possible for you to broadcast your audio and video, BBB provides you with

  • Slide and screen presentations,
  • Interactive whiteboard,
  • Text chats,
  • Shared notes,
  • Polls,
  • Work rooms for groups (breakout rooms),

and other tools.

Creating and testing a BBB meeting

Only lecturers can create a BBB meeting as part of a Moodle course. All of the participants who have registered for the course (including guests) can then take part in the course.

In our Moodle Information Course you can test the participation in a BBB meeting from a host perspective (after self-enrolling for the course). This requires a valid user account for using the Computer Centre’s services (UID).


A BBB meeting is basically any session in which all of the participants can meet up. All of the information related to the session is deleted as soon as the session is ended.

When you recommence a BBB meeting, a new session will start with the settings of the Moodle activity. This means that all of the files/presentations that were not saved as a standard presentation of the BBB meeting will be deleted.