Setup eduroam on an iOS Device

eduroam CAT

The DFN (Communications Network for Science and Research in Germany) provides an automatic configuration assistant tool for various operating systems and platforms. The assistant makes it easy to configure your wifi connection.

You can find the various eduroam installers for the automatic configuration on supported operating systems at 

Please note: Delete your old profile

Are you having problems connecting to the “new” eduroam profile?

Delete the “old” eduroam profile (prior to 01/07/2018) from your device’s storage via Settings> General > Profile and then load the current configuration from


TIP: Service wifi in the PC Lab

You will need access to the internet on your mobile device to be able to download the profile.

If you don't have access to the internet on your mobile device, you can use the service wifi (Service-WLAN) in the Computer Centre’s PC Lab/Service Point.