Crediting Your Printing Account


A printing account is required for being able to make private photocopies and printouts at various locations throughout the university. Your printing account must be in credit if you would like to print anything that is subject to a fee.

Loading Credit to your Printing Account

The maximum credit for a printing account is € 50.00

Bank Transfer

Via bank transfer to:

Payment recipient: Universität Greifswald
IBAN: DE26 1300 0000 0014 0015 18
Payment reference: 7121 180 002 778 personal username

If the username is “jbloggs2” the payment reference is:
7121 180 002 778 jbloggs2


Cash is accepted in full euro amounts in the PC lab of the Language Centre (FMZ) [de] and in the PC lab of the University Computer Centre (URZ) [de].

Have Your Account Credit Paid Out

You can have your account credit paid out to you in full or in part, by completing a standard form. Payments will only be made electronically (via bank transfer).

The form must be completed in full and signed and then be submitted to the University Computer Centre.