FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Jitsi

Can external persons also take part in a Jitsi conference?

Yes. External participants can enter the room once it has been opened by a person who is a member of the university community.

The room remains ‘open’ until the last person has disconnected.

Which functions are available to the ‘host’?

The person who opens a Jitsi room or who already has an active session on the Jitsi server (login with central login details) becomes the ‘host’. This role is indicated by the star icon in the person’s tile.

Participants acting as ‘host’ can mute individual participants or temporarily remove them from the room.

Do all participants of a Jitsi room have the same rights?

Yes, all of the persons taking part in a Jitsi room have the same audio, camera or screen sharing rights.

Why does the password keep getting deleted?

The room’s settings only apply for as long as the room is in use. All of the settings (such as the password) are deleted after the last person has left the room.

Can I prepare a room for later use?

No. Rooms in Jitsi only exist whilst there are people in them. You cannot preconfigure a room.

Why can’t I see everybody in the room?

The tile view only shows the last two active speakers. This setting reduces the required bandwidth.

Independent of the role as speaker, it is possible to maximise any individual’s tile and watch his/her video in full-screen for the entire length. To do so, just click on the tile.

You can extend the conference’s address (URL) with the characters ‘#config.channelLastN=-1’ to override this setting. The value defines how many active speakers should be displayed in your view of the conference (-1 = everyone).

Example: meetings.uni-greifswald/TestTreffen#config.channelLastN=-1

How can I share/hold a presentation in Jitsi?

Jitsi has no specific channel for presentations (PowerPoint, PDF, ...).

If you would like to hold a presentation, simply share your screen (first icon on the bottom left).

Can I share my screen and broadcast my video at the same time?

Yes. After sharing your screen, reactivate your camera.

I am in the Jitsi room, but can’t see or hear anyone.

If the other participants are able to communicate with one another, but you are unable to see or hear them, the reason probably lies in your network infrastructure (router, modem, ...).

This often occurs because the conference’s data packages are not transmitted to the target computer. If this seems to be the case, check your local settings and devices.